Lemon Curd Cream Puffs (Box of 6) (Gluten Free, Keto Friendly)


Our Keto cream puff shells filled to the brim with luscious homemade sugar free lemon curd, lightened with whipped cream to balance out the tanginess.

Nutritional info per piece: Total carb – 2.9g; Dietary fiber – 0.8g; Net carb: 2.1g

Ingredients: eggs, butter, lupin flour*, arrowroot flour, whipping cream, allulose, fresh lemons, xanthan gum, sea salt

*Those who have a peanut allergy may also have a reaction to lupin flour and are advised to avoid this product.

Care information: Refrigerate and consume within 2 days. Let thaw at room temperature slightly before consuming as the filling will harden/thicken when cold.