Kaya Butter Cream Puffs (Box of 6) (Gluten Free, Keto Friendly)


Our homemade sugar free pandan kaya (coconut jam) is mixed with whipped French butter to resemble Singaporean’s all-time favorite breakfast spread.

Nutritional info per piece: Total carb – 2.9g; Dietary fiber – 0.7g; Net carb: 2.1g

Ingredients: eggs, butter, lupin flour*, arrowroot flour, coconut cream, allulose, fresh pandan leaves, xanthan gum, sea salt

*Those who have a peanut allergy may also have a reaction to lupin flour and are advised to avoid this product.

Care information: Refrigerate and consume within 2 days. Let thaw at room temperature slightly before consuming as the filling will harden/thicken when cold.