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Our Practice

Here at SDWB, apart from our mission to bring delicious and affordable gluten free bakes to everyone,
we also feel strongly about caring for our environment as much as we can.
While it may be difficult to do so at times as we are in an industry that creates so much wastage, we are
taking small but meaningful steps wherever possible to do our part towards the reduction of single-use
plastic waste and the negative impact it has on the environment.


We always keep in mind to first refuse a shopping bag if we do not need one, then reduce
the number of shopping bags used, and to reuse them when we go on our next shopping trip.
As such, reusable shopping bags are usually a staple in our bags wherever we go and we
reject offers of retail bags (even non-plastic ones) as much as possible. 
We also try to reuse, recycle or re-purpose waste as much as we can. We jot down notes, scribble
our R&D recipes and write our daily to-do list on the back of used receipts. Egg shells, fruit peels,
food scraps and other biodegradable waste are thrown into our compost bin, which will be
broken down into nutrient-rich soil and used in our windowsill garden. We also re-purpose
plastic bags previously used to hold vegetables into makeshift pots to grow seedlings.

Customised Granola Mix (Gluten Free)


To minimise packaging waste, we had to be resourceful and creative in selecting the right packaging
without compromising on the freshness of our bakes, even if it meant that the packaging would be
out of the norm. Our goal was to ensure our packaging used the least material possible by
reducing unnecessary packaging while still looking aesthetic and presentable.

An example is our granola bags which are kraft bags that come with a self-tie handle, eliminating
the need for a separate bag to hold them whenever possible. When your granola is finished, the
bag can be re-purposed to store rice grains, cereals, nuts and other dried goods.
They can even be used as “compartments” to separate food in the refrigerator.

We hope to use biodegradable or compostable packaging for all our products where possible, in the near future.


We use either paper retail bags or sustainable plastic bag replacements.

If you’ve received our paper retail bags, here’s a quick tip!
Reuse your paper bags by storing unripe avocados with an apple or banana. This will ripen up
your avocados in no time and they’ll be ready for consumption within the next few days!

Our sustainable plastic bag replacements are TeloBags, made of Cassava Root
which is plant-based and organic. When accidentally littered on land, TeloBags degrade into
organic waste in 6 months, by being consumed by micro and macro organisms and converted
into fertiliser for the soil. If it ends up in the rivers and sea, there are no worries as it
dissolves in water, and poses no choking threat to wildlife. It is even safe to be ingested!
We highly encourage you to reuse the TeloBags if you’ve received one 🙂

*All information relating to TeloBags are extracted from TeloBag’s website


We are always on the look out for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. If you would like to provide
suggestions, collaborate with us, or simply want to share ideas on sustainability, feel free to contact us!
We will be happy to hear from you!

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