IMG 4718 1 Some Days We Bake

Hey there, thanks for dropping by.

Some Days We Bake was born in 2020, out of a “some-days-I-bake” hobby and fueled by a desire to let those on special diets have an equal right to enjoy desserts. This came about after a stint at a local café brought to our attention the lack of gluten free bakes available for the lovely people who were looking to enjoy them.

With our initial goal in mind, we started exploring and understanding more about other special diets, and have since been steadily expanding our menu to include keto-friendly, sugar-free and diabetic-friendly options. We hope to experiment with more bakes to cater to an even wider community of people of special diets in future!

We know many of you who drop by our humble store may not be on any special diet, but are perhaps simply curious how good (or bad) gluten free food can taste. Please rest assured that all our bakes go through stringent taste tests before they make it onto our menu, to ensure that they are no different from normal bakes – trust us, we’re reaaally picky on taste! After all, we’d been eating baked goods made with gluten for many years and loved them too. If something doesn’t taste good to us, it goes back to our kitchen for more R&D until it’s perfect – this is also why it takes a bit of time for us to launch new items!

Baked fresh daily and made with the same pair of hands since our inception, we hope you’ll give our bakes a try and see how you can enjoy desserts guilt-free with no compromise on taste.